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List of outstanding saintly Barnabite figures through the centuries

List of outstanding 
saintly Barnabite figures 
 through the centuries

1500 (XVII Century)

St. Anthony M. Zaccaria (1502-1539): Founder of the Barnabites, the Angelica, and the Laity of St. Paul
Ven. Bartholomeo  Ferrari (1499-1544): Co-founder Ven. James Anthony Morigia (1497-1546): Co-founder 
St. Alexander Sauli ( 1534-1592): Superior General and Bishop of Aleria (Corsica) and Pavia
Ven. Charles Bascape (1550-1615): Superior General and Bishop of Novara
Ven. Gianpiero Besozzi (1503-1584): Superior General, spiritual guide of the first Barnabites
Ven. Cosimo Dossena (1548-1620): Superior General and Bishop of Tortpna
Ven. Steven Centnrione (1547-1625): a soldier, and then Bamabite
Ven. Lndovic Bitoz (1579-1617): a Brother, apostle among the Huguenots in France
Ven. Diego Martinez (1567-1593): page of Philip II, and then Bamabite novice
Ven. Justus Guerin (1578-1645): successor of St. Francis de Sales as Bishop of Geneva

1600 (XVII Century)

Servent of God Raymond Recrosio (1657-1732): Bishop of Nieces, apostle of God's love and of the Sacred Heart  
Ven. Michalengelo Pane (1612-1630): Barnabite student who died during the pestilence of 1630 
VENERABLE BARTHOLOMEW CANALE (1605-1681): author ofascetical works 
Ven. Anthony Mary Pagni (1556-1624): Founder of the Congregation of the Annunciation in Pescia, then    Barnabite

1700 (XVIII Century)

Ven. Francis Castelli (1752-1771): a model of a Barnabite student
Servent of God Fortunate Redolfi (1777-1859): founder of the oratorios for young people
Ven. Charles Joseph Fedeli (1712-1736): Barnabite deacon
Ven. Paul Anthony Nerini (1711-1756): missionary in Burma, and a martyr
Ven. James Maru Priscolo (1761-1853): a perfect religious and apostle
St. Francis Xavier M. Bianchi (1743-1815): Apostle of Naples

1800 (XIX Century)

Ven. Alexander Collareta (1811-1832): Bamabite novice 
Fr. Augustine Schouvaloff (1804-1859): Russian convert, apostle of ecumenism 
VENERABLE CHARLES M. SCHILLING (1835-1907): convert, painter, holy man from Norway 
VENERABLE VITTORIO DE MARINO (1863-1929): medical doctor and exemplar religious VENERABLE CESARE BARZAGHI (1863-1941): apostle of Lodi

1900 (XX Century)   
VENERABLE SARAFINO GHIDINI (1902-1924): exemplary Barnabite student
Servent of God Louis Raineri (1895-1918): Barnabite student victim of the World War I
Fr. John Semeria (1868-1931): father of the war orphans
Fr. Francis Castelnuovo (1911-1961): saintly Master of novices and students
Fr. Erminio Rondini (1895-1943): founder of the Little Workers of the Sacred Heart